Drawer Cabinet authentication
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Drawer Cabinet authentication

ModelTủ Hồ Sơ Chống Cháy FRC4
Trọng lượng320 ± 10Kg
Kích thước ngoài ( C * R * S ) mmCao 1500 * Rộng 515 * Sâu * 720 mm
Kích thước sử dụng ( C * R * S ) mmCao 300 * Rộng 370 * Sâu * 520 mm
Kích thước ngăn kéo ( C * R * S ) mmCó 04 Ngăn Bảo Vệ An Toàn Tài Sản
Tính năngAn toàn bảo mật tuyệt đối
Khả năng chống cháy1000 - 1200°C
Hệ thống khóa liên hoàn thông minhKhoá đổi mã
Mầu sắc
Thương hiệu WELKO Safe
Bảo hành 05 năm
Giá 25,000,000 VNĐ
Drawer Cabinet authentication
Drawer Cabinet authentication
Drawer Cabinet authentication
Drawer Cabinet authentication

Drawer Cabinet authentication 

Drawer Cabinet authentication are equipped with a secure encryption system. Modern advanced production technology. Currently, the store selling cheap fireproof safes, WELKO Safes Cabinet, is the leading address for you to choose the line of fireproof safe metal cabinets, which are manufactured by modern production lines. With a series of rigorous standards. ISO 9001:2008 quality control system. Liquidated iron cabinets are products that have achieved certifications and have been selected as a typical product in the industry for many years in a row. Personal file cabinets are powder coated to prevent scratches on the surface.

Has a fixed rubber base or is equipped with movable wheels. Easy to set up. Office iron cabinets are now trusted by companies to equip in their units. With agent stores nationwide. Currently, the company is ready to serve all the needs of choosing office file cabinets of customers. WELKO Safes Cabinet black filing cabinet products are manufactured with high technical background cheap bank file cabinet products Providing 2-wing fireproof security cabinets WELKO Safes Cabinet with high quality and low price is the priority orientation of genuine iron cabinet dealers in Vietnam market. WELKO Safes Cabinet is a fireproof security cabinet with anti-scratch powder coating to ensure safety for users.

The bank file cabinet has high security and beautiful design

Bank file cabinet with Very High Security FRC4 Fireproof Bank File Cabinet is applied automatic opening/closing technology with password encryption. Can change the encoding up to thousands of numbers, the error rate of opening the encryption is 0% The key is designed to be copy-proof and the foreign handle makes it resistant to theft from the surface, convenient for appointing senior officials to hand over the treasury. Ensuring the safety of all systems of the Company, agency, school..., security and safety are the top priority to ensure absolute safe storage of personal belongings, cash, important documents important.

Bank file cabinet

FRC4 uses stone vein coating technology, which is one of the modern paint technologies. With elegant embossed colors according to the standard European color system. With this technology, the cabinet will be covered with even, thick and smooth paint layers, anti-rust and especially very durable over time

Refer to the safe products manufactured in our factory:

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Specialized tu ho so for corporate offices
ket sat van Phong is manufactured with the most advanced technology today
ket sat family for family use, with compact weight and size
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Safe lock is equipped with an anti-theft and anti-copy lock system
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The hand valve uses modern fingerprint recognition technology to unlock
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The company safe well to the needs of each business choosing to buy a safe
ket sat chong trom with a large weight so it is effectively anti-theft
Dedicated, compact, safe and secure earphones for families
ket sat bao dong is equipped with a lock code system that alarms when there is a collision

Wheel System for Easy Mobility

Tủ Hồ Sơ Fire Resistant File Cabinet FRC4 Fire Resistant Cabinet The base of the cabinet is arranged with 4 solid cast wheels to create certainty and convenience in moving. Drawers are made of polished steel, strong opening and closing ability. Standard thick flame retardant layer with outstanding fire resistance up to 1,200°C for 2 hours

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The Most Prestigious FRC4 Fireproof Bank File Cabinet in the Market

Fireproof bank file cabinet is a line of unique designed office cabinets, novel designs. This product is made of high quality steel. In addition, iron cabinets also help your office neater and more spacious. The 4-compartment fireproof bank file cabinet also has the following outstanding features: The cabinet has 04 compartments, the first compartment allows the remaining 03 compartments to be opened, the doors all have handles to make opening and closing easier. In particular, each compartment is designed with a smart function inside to divide each compartment, horizontal and vertical hangers suitable for all types of documents - records to help users easily store, store and easily find. when needed.

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Choose to buy a bank file cabinet for your business

Office file cabinets are now trusted by factories to equip in their units. With agent stores nationwide. Currently, the bank file cabinet factory is ready to serve all the needs of customers to choose office file cabinets. Modern production technology platform with automatic lines. Bringing high quality WELKO Safes Cabinet 1-door file office cabinets. Meet the needs of customers to the maximum. fireproof bank file cabinet government agency WELKO Safes Cabinet is designed to be simple and convenient. Make it easier and faster for customers to use. Surface powder coating material. Helps keep the cabinet shiny and durable. With the product models of fireproof iron cabinets WELKO Safes Cabinet are trusted by many customers to choose.

hệ thống khoá bảo mật của tủ hồ sơ ngân hàng

Contact to order a bank file cabinet directly from the factory The high-class filing cabinet factory under the banking equipment and materials company is now a reputable file cabinet manufacturing address. With over 20 years of experience in the field of manufacturing file cabinets for banks, security warehouses. We are currently supplying filing cabinets for the domestic market and exporting to countries around the world. Bank file cabinets are one of our typical product lines up to now. If you are in need of office setup or transaction stores that need to use file storage, please contact us directly for the best bank file cabinet quote.

Currently, the high-end iron cabinet factory is a prestigious address High-end bank file cabinet factory Contact us immediately at 0982770404

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