Bank Safes LX1320 DK No.1 Bank Safes Maker Mordern Design From WELKO
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Bank Safes LX1320 DK No.1 Bank Safes Maker Mordern Design From WELKO

ModelDeposit Bank Safe BEMC LX1320 DK
Weight250 ± 10Kg
External Size ( C * R * S ) mmH 1320 * W 760 * D 650 mm
Internal Size ( C * R * S ) mmH 950 * W 640 * D 440 mm
Drawer Size ( C * R * S ) mmH 100 * W 560 * D 400 mm
Fireproof Ability1000 - 1200°C
Lock SystemAble to change up to 1 million different codes
Band Name BEMC Safes
Commitment To High Quality Product New 100%
Price $50 - $300
International Hotline 24/7: 0084 98 2770404
Bank Safes LX1320 DK No.1 Bank Safes Maker Mordern Design From WELKO
Bank Safes LX1320 DK No.1 Bank Safes Maker Mordern Design From WELKO
Bank Safes LX1320 DK No.1 Bank Safes Maker Mordern Design From WELKO
Bank Safes LX1320 DK No.1 Bank Safes Maker Mordern Design From WELKO

Bank Safes LX1320 DK No.1 Bank Safes Maker Mordern Design From WELKO


Introduction Of The Biggest Factory Of Safes In Vietnam

Bank Safes LX1320 DK The Most Prestigious Brand in the Vietnamese Market
Deposit Safe box is not only a safe place for family assets but it is also very important for businesses and banks because it is a place to store many of the bank's important budget, assets, documents, asset protection for the whole organization. Therefore, safety is a prerequisite factor to consider when choosing a deposit safe. If the bank faces such a situation as fire, theft, etc., it will certainly cause many damages, not only physical but also greatly affect the bank's reputation. Therefore, choosing which kind of safe is always a concern of the bank. In this article, let's learn about a reputable bank Safes brand in Vietnam, from which you will have more information to choose a type of bank safe that meets your criteria.
BEMC manufactures and supplies bank safes, with the quality, prestige and genuine BEMC bank safes, genuine 5-year warranty nationwide. Over the past 20 years of development, BEMC is well received by the market and is the leading and reputable brand in Vietnam in manufacturing and distributing a variety of bank safes.
Fireproof Safes
Fireproof Safe
BEMC Safes fireproof cashier safe is a product sort of safes using code-changeable keys that can be changed as expected, suitable for use in supermarkets, restaurants with fire-proof features and high safety locking system is the result of creation from a fire-resistant rigid object at a certain temperature range.
This cashier safe is specially designed to isolate in case of a fire. The valuable assets inside will always be guaranteed the best safety.

Home Safe Box
Bank Safes
One outstanding point that cannot be ignored when it comes to bank safes BEMC is the safe door system. The door of the safes is designed with solid casting steps completely under the 10,000 ton hydraulic press. This special design helps to prevent flames from entering the same fire protection layer to protect the safety of internal assets in the event of a fire or explosion. The door of the safes is made of high-grade thick steel emulsion, cast solid interlock block brings certainty safety when subjected to strong impact from outside. Especially, the two-way bolt system with the special plating pin is shiny and highly aesthetic, but it is also very strong against pruning. The inside of the safe door has a convenient 5 hook layout for securing important keys.
Safe Box Hotel
Bank Safes

Safes For Cashier Counter is made up of thick steel plate with extremely strong design, the two-sided bolt system attaches string to the inside of the tank with certainty against dams, drilling holes, exerting great force from the outside. Secure, secure documents and money. In case of fire or theft, you can rest assured choice and satisfaction when using this kind of safes. 

Bank Safe For Sale

Bank Safes The Most Prestigious Brand in the Vietnamese Market

BEMC bank safes have a compact design that can be placed under a table, compatible with all banks. Designing a security drawer helps increase the safety of important documents and documents.
In addition, safe is using nano powder coating technology, you will have a glossy safe, not fading over time, scratch, rust and oxidation. The lock combined with the easy-to-change mechanical lock with the foreign handle, makes it convenient to open the safe.

Using Instruction

Prestigious BEMC bank safes are applied automatically open / close by password encryption, can change the encryption up to thousands of numbers, the odds of opening the vault encryption safes are 0%, key The lock is designed to prevent copying and foreign handles to create anti-theft capabilities from the surface, convenient for appointing senior officials to hand over the treasury to ensure safety for all banking systems, security. and security is put on top to ensure the absolute safe storage of personal belongings, cash, important papers. Bank Safes & Vaults
Safes BEMC bank safes are arranged 4 solid-steel wheels to facilitate convenience in moving. Drawers are made of steel ball, strong opening and closing ability. Cash drawer is designed to last millions of cycles. This is a standard drop-down drawer that is most suitable for banks and supermarkets with large transactions and long-term use.
BEMC cashier safes are designed and manufactured to protect property in the safest way. Standard thick fire resistant layer with outstanding fire resistance up to 1,200 ° C for 2 hours.
Bank Safes
• BEMC bank fireproof safes use cotton-coating technology, this is one of the modern paint technologies. With elegant embossed colors according to the European standards. With this technology, the keg will be covered by evenly painted, thick and glossy paint layers, rust-proof and extremely durable over time. In the primer layer, special paints are used for ships so it has good salinity resistance, suitable for coastal areas.
• Safe Box: Manufactured in accordance with European standards and ISO 9001: 2015 quality system management process issued by SGS Swiss certification organization and ISO 14001: 2015 product environmental certification issued by Australian certification organization. With the key is manufactured in Germany, has a certificate of origin and safety certification according to European standards issued by Germany, the digital lock system (mechanical lock) is manufactured in Taiwan according to Dutch standards.
 Model  Bank Safe BEMC LX1320 DK
 Weight  250 ± 10Kg
 External Size  H 1320 * W 760 * D 650 mm
 Internal Size  H 950 * W 640 * D 440 mm
 Drawer Size    H 100 * W 560 * D 400 mm
 Feature         Anti-theft
 Fireproof Ability  1000 - 1200°C
 Lock System
 Able to change up to 1 million different codes
 Use For
 Banks, supermarkets, restaurants ...
 Color  Blue
 Band Name
 BEMC Safes
 Price  $50 - $300
 Zalo/ Whatsapp Number
 098 2770404
 Commit To High Quality Products  New 100%
 International Hotline 24/7  0084 98 2770404
I. Technical Specification Deposit Bank Safe BEMC LX1320 DK
Solid fire-proof structure
Weight: 250 ± 10Kg
External Size: H 1320 * W 760 * D 650 mm
Internal Size: H 950 * W 640 * D 440 mm
Drawer Size: H 100 * W 560 * D 400 mm
Feature: Anti-theft
Fireproof Ability: 1000 - 1200°C
Lock System: Able to change up to 1 million different codes
Use For: Banks, agencies, supermarkets, restaurants ...
✔ Color: Blue
✔ Price: $50 - $300
✔ Brand Name: BEMC Safes
✔ Zalo/ Whatsapp Number: 098 2770404
✔ Commitment To High Quality Product: New 100%
✔ International Hotline 24/7: 0084 98 2770404
Hotel Safes
• Materials Digital Safe Box: High Quality Steel.
• Door BEMC HOME Safes serrated design with the body to create a solid integration against breaking and preventing fire, ensuring fire resistance.
• Safe For Cashier BEMC Equipped with a code lock system under the State Bank's standard that can change codes up to one million different codes. This lock system is very durable and has extremely high security. The multi-lock system creates multiple layers of protection to help increase the security of the assets stored inside.
Hotel Safe

• Mode of opening the safe Safe Deposit Box: The code changes the code according to the standards of the State Bank combined with the key and handle. Fire resistance up to 1,200 ° C for 2 hours

Bank Safes
• Anti-breaking Ability Home Safe: When the safe falls freely from a height of 30 feet (9.144m).
• Fireproof Safe is covered with thick, glossy, smooth and anti-peel paint layers, anti-rust. Special use primer specialized for anti-saline Ships in coastal areas of Vietnam (This technology is only available in the safes WELKO Safes and BEMC).
Bank Safes

• Compact handle, safe for children.
• Luxurious color.
• Steel-solid bolts: Consists of many safety bolts arranged 4 directions around the door, against breaking the safe.


Painting Technology:

✔  Using the advanced modern painting technology in the world, there are 3 nano paint layers to make the safe safe from fading over time.
I. WARRANTY: 05 Years
✔ The trademark of BEMC has been protected in Vietnam by the Intellectual Property Department since 2009 (granted by the National Office of Intellectual Property under the Decision No. 3737 / QD-SHTT dated February 24, 2009. Certificate of trademark number: 120132 )


Bank Safes
Bank Safe

Products manufactured according to international standards:

✔   SGS Iso 9001:2015
✔   Certification number: VN 16/0059
✔   Certification VINCAS 049-QMS (IAF)
✔   TCCS 01:2010/VTNH&ATKQ


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✔ WeChat ID: FactorySafes
Office Safe Box

Joint Stock Company Equipment Materials Banking and Safety Treasury Vietnam has been a lot of certificates of merit, certificates, gold brands awarded by departments from 2003 to present are briefly as follows:

1.    Meets SGS International Standard ISO 9001: 2015

2.    Awarded the Thang Long gold brand award (QD16-HATAP October 3, 2011)

3.    Certificate of Merit issued People's Committee of Hanoi City - Association against fake goods and brand protection of the city awarded the certificate of merit on December 25, 2011

4.    Won the famous brand award in 2011 by the Hanoi City People's Committee licensed and directed

5.   Certificate of Merit issued by Hanoi People's Committee for achievements in labor safety and fire prevention and fighting according to the Decision No. 831 / QD-UBND dated February 16, 2012

6.    Certificate - Vietnam EXPO 2006 International Organizing Committee presented Gold Medal on 6 April 2006

7.    Top 100 Golden Quality Award in the capital of safes on October 1, 2012 by the Decision of reward No. 37 / QD - Hatap sponsored and licensed the Hanoi City People's Committee.

8.    The award honors the brand of Thang Long, prestigious and quality enterprise in 2017 (Issued under the Decision No. 98 / HATAP).

Introduction Of The Biggest Factory Of Safes In Vietnam

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Bank Safety Box
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